My Artistic Mind

Art, creative and inventive. However one views art, one is trying to read the artists mind. And it's said that the secret in art, is the hidden truth an artist cannot disguise. A hidden story the artist tells, from within, from somewhere deep inside. For me, my inner universe is complex, and unlimited. I hate to be normal, and seek different and new ways of expression. Sometimes, I see art as an illusion, hidden from view, until the right key fits, and the door opens to the reality of the creation.

My new artistic direction taken, is what I call "new generation art"; Which is basically digital or computer generated art. One still has to starts with a blank canvas, in this case a screen. To say I was a fan of this kinda art when introduced to it, would be lie. I am after all from the old school of thinking......but once I embraced this whole new world of expression, oh wow, it opened a whole new universe. My canvas screen is my tablet, so the freedom to create anywere is wonderful. I am offering you a window into my creative world, mainly abstract in this new art form.

The Artist

Calan Galugan